Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Five Sites to Help Your Phone Find Your Next Job

It seems you can't watch TV or drive a mile these days without being bombarded with phone ads. And they all promise to change the quality of your life by adding more megapixels and apps to your already divided attention. So, you give in and buy it. Now, you've just plunked down $100 or more on that new iPhone and are now beholden to the two-year carrier contract--at least get the most out of your phone by making it work for you. When is a phone not a phone? When it can land you a job.

According to job site Beyond.com 77% of job seekers use mobile search applications when applying and searching for jobs. Using your phone's bells and whistles to search for work has the advantages of accessibility, convenience, and the ability to click on a link and initiate a phone call to the hiring manager all in one place can't be underestimated.

Most websites (including the major job boards) are now easier to use on your phone as they are optimized for mobile phone browsing. Often there's not even any additional work you need to do on your end. Simply enter the normal web address and the device will translate the URL into a mobile-friendly format.

Here are 5 websites and apps to help you get the job you want all from your phone:

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