Monday, April 8, 2013

Could Old-School News be Your Next Job Lead?

How many of us started our Monday morning by opening the daily paper? Did you hear the crinkle of the newsprint as it smudged on your fingertips and were you startled by the damp smell because it was delivered pre-dawn and has been waiting on the sidewalk loaded with dew?

My guess is no. With newspaper readership declining every day, the once ubiquitous daily ritual is now a nostalgic memory as most of us begin our day at work viewing the news online.

But, don't count your newspaper out just yet. If you've struggled recently to find a job or look for a new position better fitting your skill set, take 45 minutes out of your day today to try an old-school approach to your job search that could make the difference.

See, with most of us actively searching on the major job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, we tend to forget that our communities are continuing to publish new job listings that are local to the area. These local markets know their audiences best and you'll often find jobs listed here you won't see anywhere else. Small companies shine here as they don't have the marketing dollars to post on the national job boards. And the best part is many of these listings and newspapers are online. You don't have to have anything delivered. Just open your browser.

Here are 4 resources you can use today to search local job listings from newspapers:
  • Yahoo Newspaper Directory These are links to the 20+ major market newspapers Yahoo pulls its news feeds from. Use this as a starting point as it represents most of the large metropolitan areas within the US.   
  • Newspapers from all 50 States For smaller markets, use this directory. You can find a link to virtually any newspaper in the US here.
  • Online Newspapers For additional searching, use this directory of solely online newspapers. You might find some hidden gems here.
  • Online Newspaper Search Finally, use this library directory to search most newspapers by keyword all in one convenient place. 
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